Program Director
Gregory J. Kato, MD
Program Co-Director
Mark T. Gladwin, MD
Program Co-Director
Solomon F. Ofori-Acquah, PhD

Now accepting applications!

Join us for a unique training opportunity in hematology-related vascular disorders!

Our mission is to catalyze the training of the future generation of blood science researchers in experimental and translational hematology.

The Pittsburgh Intensive Training in Hematology Research is the first program of its kind focused on Experimental Hematology, Hemolysis Related Vascular Biology, and Sickle Cell Disease.

Over the course of six months trainees will complete oriented course work, choosing from a variety of Advanced Specialized Research Hematology Techniques. This intensive exposure allows the trainee to develop the elemental tools for basic translational hematology research and biomedical research.

This training program is highly competitive, as only three applicants will be selected yearly for the program.