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Journal Club

VMI Journal Club is held every other week during the academic year on MONDAYS at 3:30pm in BST 1295.

In this meeting, VMI postdoctoral associates and fellows present recent journal articles for critical analysis and discussion.  Articles must be current, and are expected to meet the highest scientific standards of study design and impact.  Participants are strongly encouraged to select papers relevant to their ongoing projects or broadly related to themes in their respective laboratories.

For more information about this conference, please contact Dr. Iain Scott.
For scheduling, please contact Katie Nauman.



Jan 30

Luis Hortells, DVM, PhD
(St. Hilaire Lab)

Pillai IC, Li S, Romay M, Lam L, Lu Y, Huang J, Dillard N, Zemanova M, Rubbi L, Wang Y, Lee J, Xia M, Liang O, Xie YH, Pellegrini M, Lusis AJ, Deb A. Cardiac Fibroblasts Adopt Osteogenic Fates and Can Be Targeted to Attenuate Pathological Heart Calcification. Cell Stem Cell. 2016 Nov 15. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 27867037

Feb 13

Frances Belmonte, PhD
(Kaufman Lab)

Latorre-Pellicer A, Moreno-Loshuertos R, Lechuga-Vieco AV, Sánchez-Cabo F, Torroja C, Acín-Pérez R, Calvo E, Aix E, González-Guerra A, Logan A, Bernad-Miana ML, Romanos E, Cruz R, Cogliati S, Sobrino B, Carracedo Á, Pérez-Martos A, Fernández-Silva P, Ruíz-Cabello J, Murphy MP, Flores I, Vázquez J, Enríquez JA. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA matching shapes metabolism and healthy ageing. Nature. 2016 Jul 28;535(7613):561-5. PMID: 27383793

Feb 27

Alison Morris, MD, MS
Cynthia St. Hilaire, PhD

"What it Takes to be Happy and Successful in Science"

Please join us for an exciting and interactive panel discussion with women faculty who have succeeded in their careers. You will learn how their career choices led them to their current positions as well as how they balance the demands of work with their personal lives. We hope to see you there!

Mar 13

Inhae Kang, PhD
(Kaufman Lab)

Shinoda K, Ohyama K, Hasegawa Y, Chang HY, Ogura M, Sato A, Hong H, Hosono T, Sharp LZ, Scheel DW, Graham M, Ishihama Y, Kajimura S. Phosphoproteomics Identifies CK2 as a Negative Regulator of Beige Adipocyte Thermogenesis and Energy Expenditure. Cell Metab. 2015 Dec 1;22(6):997-1008. Epub 2015 Nov 8. PMID: 26525534 PMCID: PMC4670581

Mar 27

Janet Manning, PhD
(Scott Lab)

Fazal L, Laudette M, Paula-Gomes S, Pons S, Conte C, Tortosa F, Sicard P, Sainte-Marie Y, Bisserier M, Lairez O, Lucas A, Roy J, Ghaleh B, Fauconnier J, Mialet-Perez J, Lezoualc'h F. Multifunctional Mitochondrial Epac1 Controls Myocardial Cell Death. Circ Res. 2017 Feb 17;120(4):645-657. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.116.309859. PMID: 28096195

Apr 10

Jonathan Florentin, PhD
(Dutta Lab)

Xing J, Weng L, Yuan B, Wang Z, Jia L, Jin R, Lu H, Li XC, Liu YJ, Zhang Z. Identification of a role for TRIM29 in the control of innate immunity in the respiratory tract. Nat Immunol. 2016 Dec;17(12):1373-1380. Epub 2016 Oct 3. PMID: 27695001

Apr 24

Elizabeth Rochon, PhD
(Gladwin Lab)

Hwangbo C, Lee HW, Kang H, Ju H, Wiley DS, Papangeli I, Han J, Kim JD, Dunworth WP, Hu X, Lee S, El-Hely O, Sofer A, Pak B, Peterson L, Comhair S, Hwang EM, Park JY, Thomas JL, Bautch VL, Erzurum SC, Chun HJ, Jin SW. Modulation of endothelial BMPR2 activity by VEGFR3 in pulmonary arterial hypertension. Circulation. 2017 Mar 29. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 28356442.

May 8

Tomasz Brzoska, PhD
(Sundd Lab)

Lefrançais E, Ortiz-Muñoz G, Caudrillier A, Mallavia B, Liu F, Sayah DM, Thornton EE, Headley MB, David T, Coughlin SR, Krummel MF, Leavitt AD, Passegué E, Looney MR. The lung is a site of platelet biogenesis and a reservoir for haematopoietic progenitors. Nature. 2017 Apr 6;544(7648):105-109. Epub 2017 Mar 22. PMID: 28329764.

May 22

Micol Falabella, PhD
(Kaufman Lab)

Park SJ, Gavrilova O, Brown AL, Soto JE, Bremner S, Kim J, Xu X, Yang S, Um JH, Koch LG, Britton SL, Lieber RL, Philp A, Baar K, Kohama SG, Abel ED, Kim MK, Chung JH. DNA-PK Promotes the Mitochondrial, Metabolic, and Physical Decline that Occurs During Aging. Cell Metab. 2017 May 2;25(5):1135-1146.e7. PMID: 28467930