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Pitt lands $14.3 million for research linking dementia and cardiovascular disease

Funded by the WoodNext Foundation, researchers will use an interdisciplinary approach to uncover the causes of two of the most costly and deadly illnesses in the U.S.

Dr. Stephen Chan inducted into the Association of University Cardiologists

The VMI Director is one of only 135 members of this prestigious organization of academic cardiologists.

Dr. Sruti Shiva to serve as VMI Associate Director

In this new role, Dr. Shiva will provide direct mentorship to VMI faculty, specifically in the areas of research advancement and tenure preparation.

Dr. Satoshi Okawa joins the VMI and Division of Cardiology

Dr. Okawa’s work is highly collaborative, and he will establish relationships with several VMI and Cardiology investigators to use his computational expertise to advance their bench research.

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