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On International Women’s Day, we want to recognize the exceptional women faculty and staff of the VMI. In a particularly challenging year, our women leaders, researchers, trainees, and administrators have overcome significant obstacles to do the work we value here. Your individual accomplishments and the success of the institute are a testament to your tireless effort.

Notably, we recognize (but not exclusively) –

Faculty highlights:

  • Sruti Shiva, PhD – promotion to Full Professor with Tenure, resubmission and PI of VMI T32 training grant
  • Cindy St. Hilaire, PhD and Delphine Gomez, PhD – receipt of (2) AHA Innovator Awards
  • Liza Villanueva, MD – fundable score on HVI T32 training grant
  • Beth Roman, PhD – fundable score on DOD grant
  • Tirthadipa Pradhan-Sundd, PhD – received K01 award, Zander Junior Faculty award from ASIP
  • Manling Zhang, MD, MS – received fundable K08 score
  • Rebecca Thurston, PhD – Endowed Chair in Women’s Health and Dementia, U19 co-PI, assumed Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine T32 directorship
  • Amber Johnson, MD, MBA – diversity supplement from NHLBI

 Trainee highlights:

  • Andrea Braganza, PhD – awarded K99/R00 award (and mentored by Dr. Shiva!)
  • Maryam Sharifi-Sanjani, PhD – awarded Entelligence Young Investigator Award from Actelion
  • Miranda Culley, BS – awarded American College of Cardiology Young Investigator Award in Basic and Translational Science
  • Brittany Durgin, PhD – awarded NIH F32 award
  • Deirdre Nolfi-Donegan, MD – awarded Hemostasis Thrombosis Research Society Fellowship (also mentored by Dr. Shiva and Dr. Cheryl Hillery!)
  • Heidi Schmidt, BS – awarded Society of Free Radical Biology Young Investigator Award

Research staff highlights:

  • Diane Lenhart – member of VMI COVID-19 Leadership Committee
  • Lab managers Diane Lenhart, Ying Tang, Megan Miller, Lynda Ihrig, Karen Hanley-Yanez, Beth Weber, Linda Lavery, Qin Zhu, Nydia Chien, Bonnie Lemster, and all our research staff – ensuring the safe and efficient lab operations under constantly changing COVID-19 precautions

Administrative staff highlights:

  • Erica Carson, Tess Petropoulos, Anna Marie Rompala, Cindy Hatfield, Annie Watson – simultaneous submissions of four programmatic grants (P01, U01, T32, and PURDIP RFA) in Jan-Feb 2021

We thank you for your sacrifices and celebrate your achievements!


Thank you!