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The VMI is expanding its leadership team in response to the growth and continued success of the Institute. Sruti Shiva, PhD, will serve as the new Associate Director of the VMI.  Dr. Shiva has been with the VMI since 2008. She is an accomplished basic scientist, investigator, and mentor in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, focusing on understanding mechanisms by which mitochondrial function is regulated and the contribution of these mechanisms to cardiovascular health and disease pathogenesis. She currently holds a role in the Department of Medicine for her leadership for the Post Doc program that demonstrates her willingness and capability to lead others to success.

Dr. Chan’s goal with this leadership expansion is to ensure the faculty are best supported in all areas of career development and that each faculty member has effective mentorship at each career stage. Thus, in this new role, Dr. Shiva will provide direct mentorship to VMI faculty, specifically in the areas of research advancement and tenure preparation. She will provide oversight over the VMI mini-cores, sustainability, and accountability to milestones. She will incorporate and support DEI efforts through VMI programs. Partnering with Dr. Chan, Dr. Shiva will provide strategic oversight over our unique funding mechanisms including our Vitalant and HCWP partnerships. She will also participate in final decision-making for faculty recruitment and retention.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Shiva on her new role!