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Office Location
Scaife 1218

Lab Location
BST E1200


Phone: 412-648-9636

Lisa Bopp

Mark T. Gladwin, MD

Founder, Vascular Medicine Institute
Jack D. Myers Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine

Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine
Associate Dean for Physician-Scientist Mentoring, School of Medicine
Associate Vice Chancellor for Science Strategy

Research Interests

Since 1998, Dr. Gladwin’s research activities have led to numerous scientific discoveries. These discoveries have resulted in more than 210 published peer-reviewed manuscripts.

These investigations form the backbone of Dr. Gladwin’s current work in the Department of Medicine:

    • The discovery that the nitrite anion is a circulating storage pool for NO bioactivity (Gladwin, et al. PNAS 2000) that regulates hypoxic vasodilation (Cosby Nature Medicine 2003) and the cellular resilience to low oxygen and ischemia (Duranski JCI 2005).
    • The discovery of a novel physiological function for hemoglobin as an electronically and allosterically-regulated nitrite reductase (Cosby, et al. Nature Medicine 2003; Huang et al. JCI 2005).
    • The characterization of a novel mechanism of disease, hemolysis-associated endothelial dysfunction (Reiter, et al. Nature Medicine 2002; Morris et al. JAMA 2005; Minneci et al. JCI 2005; Rother et al. JAMA 2005).
    • The mechanistic, clinical, and epidemiological description of a human disease syndrome, hemolysis-associated pulmonary hypertension (Gladwin, et al. NEJM 2004).


    Pulmonary Hypertension, Sickle Cell Disease, Nitrite Therapeutics

    Education and Training

    BS and MD, University of Miami Honors Program, 1991

    Internship, Residency, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1994
    Chief Resident, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1995
    Critical Care Fellow, Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center, NIH, 1996
    Pulmonary-Critical Care Fellow, University of Washington, 1998

    Selected/Representative Publications

    For a complete bibliography, click here.