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Office Location
BST W1055

Lab Location
Sundd Lab / BST E1200


Phone: 412-648-9987

Twitter @Tirthadipa

Tirthadipa Pradhan-Sundd, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Research Interests

Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of the vascular processes in liver development and disease. Our disease models include sickle cell disease induced acute and chronic liver injury, iron homeostasis in the liver, models of vasculopathy (fibrosis/cirrhosis/portal hypertension), Factor VIII in chronic liver diseases and regulators of vascular pathology including inflammasomes and signaling pathways.

Education and Training

BSc and MSc, University of Calcutta, India
MPhil, University of Sheffield, UK, 2011
PhD, Simon Fraser University,Canada, 2015

Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, 2018
Instructor, University of Pittsburgh, 2018
Research Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 2019

Selected/Representative Publications

For a complete bibliography, click here.


Visit Dr. Pradhan-Sundd’s laboratory at link.

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Eun-Mi Ju Lab Technician
Omika Katoch Post Doctoral Fellow