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Prithu Sundd, PhD, (@SunddLab) VMI investigator and Associate Professor of Medicine, has received the Basic Research Award from the Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program to identify the mechanism underlying joint-damage in hemophilia. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder, which affects 1 in 5000 males. Patients with severe hemophilia suffer from acute episodes of bleeding in large synovial joints such as knee, ankle, or elbows. Epidemiological evidence suggests that recurring episodes of bleeding contribute to the development of permanent damage of the joint, chronic pain, and poor quality of life. Joint damage starts at an early age and develops progressively over time, warranting the need for a therapy that can intervene in the progression of permanent joint-damage. This award will provide funds to find new ways to therapeutically attenuate the development of permanent joint-damage in hemophilia patients.

Visit Dr. Sundd’s lab website to learn more about his important work.