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Novelli Lab

Principal Investigator:  Enrico M. Novelli, MD, MS


Lab phone: 412-648-3187
Lab address: E1200 Biomedical Science Tower (Starzl BST)


One recent interest of Dr. Novelli’s is elucidating the fundamental mechanisms underlying hemolysis-associated thrombosis and vascular dysfunction in SCD.  Dr. Novelli’s current research project explores the role of Thrombospondin-1 (TSP1), a glycoprotein abundantly present in platelet α-granules is emerging as a key regulator of hemostasis and thrombosis. Another research project aims at exploring the role of the interaction between TSP1 and CD47 in SCD. This project also explores the hypothesis that therapeutic disruption of the TSP1-CD47 ligand-receptor interaction will both prevent and reverse pulmonary hypertension in SCD. 

Lab Members

Enrico M. Novelli, MD, MS
Enrico M. Novelli, MD, MS

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
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Lynda Ihrig
Lynda Ihrig

Laboratory Specialist