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Cardiac Disease Research

The Cardiac Disease subsection is home to several basic and translational research groups, covering a broad range of biological processes related to cardiovascular pathophysiology. Current strengths in the subsection include research into cardiac arrhythmias (Drs. Salama and Trebak), heart failure (Drs. Becker, Al Ghouleh, Feng, McTiernan, and Zhang), and myocardial biology (Drs. Dutta, Kaufman, Manning, Scott, and Wu). Members of the group are highly collaborative, with a number of NIH- and AHA-funded projects utilizing the expertise of researchers within the subsection and beyond. Work in the subsection includes cell-based investigations, small animal models of cardiac dysfunction, and translational research using patient-derived samples.

Cardiac Disease Researchers in the VMI


Guy Salama, PhD
Electrophysiology and cardiac arrhythmias
Mohamed Trebak, PhD
Calcium handling in the cardiovascular system

Heart Failure

Jason Becker, MD
Inherited and acquired cardiomyopathies
Imad Al Ghouleh, PhD
Right ventricular hypertrophy and failure
Ning Feng, MD, PhD
Epigenetics and heart failure
Charles McTiernan, PhD
Cardiac remodeling and heart failure
Manling Zhang, MD
Hypertrophy and heart failure

Myocardial Biology

Partha Dutta, DVM, PhD
Inflammation and cardiac remodeling in myocardial infarction
Brett Kaufman, PhD
Cardiomyocyte mitochondrial biology
Janet Manning, PhD
Cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury
Iain Scott, PhD
Cardiac energy metabolism
Haodi Wu, PhD
Cardiovascular iPSC biology

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